Below are the finalists for the 2023 AAAR Aerosol Video Competition. Please vote by casting your paper ballots (included in your AAAR registration package) at the membership booth! You can vote for your favorite entry in three categories:

  1. Video
  2. Art: Microscopic Scale
  3. Art: Non-Microscopic (Larger) Scale

Entries for the Art Competition (both scales) can be viewed via the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Video #1: Laser Diagnosis of PtO2 Nanoparticles In Flame

Evangelos K. Stefanidis (University of Connecticut), Farnaz Khosravi (University of Connecticut)

In-Situ Laser Diagnostics of PtO2 nanoparticles in a RSDT flame

Video #2: Rocking the Airwaves: Unveiling the Heavy Metal Particles with TARTA!

Dylan Farrell (San Diego State University), Athena Chaparro (San Diego State University), Jennifer Rodriguez (San Diego State University), Shane Chapman (San Diego State University), Hanyang Li (San Diego State University)

Get ready to headbang to the beats of air quality knowledge! Discover how TARTA uncovers the heavy metal constituents of particulate matter in real-time.

Video #3: Particle Formation in a Flame

Shruti Choudhary (University of Miami), Onochie Okonkwo (University of Miami), Yiming Xi (University of Miami), Pratim Biswas (University of Miami)

While we may see a lot of particulate emissions from wildfire flames, we can tune flame properties in a controlled environment to synthesize particles for several industry applications.